The current most often conducted training within Best Practice sales teams is "Listing in a tough market".

The current most often conducted training within Best Practice sales teams is "Listing in a tough market". 

Many Best Practice members use this 19 page manual and 60 minute audio as the foundation for their listing training.

PL89 - Best Practice Listing

Sixty percent of Australasian residential agencies budget on average five percent of total revenue to market their business in the local area.

This does not include monies spent on advertising properties for sale and to-let but does include marketing the business on social media, newsletters, charities/clubs/social groups support, signboards, websites, special events etc.

Two thirds of all Australasian agencies review their business's budget every six months. Interestingly almost all of the top 10% most profitable agencies follow this practice.

Best Practice members have access to this 37 page manual which shows them the secrets of top 10% financial management. 

PL119 The Revised Template Best Practice Business Management Policies & Operations Manual.

The majority of Australasian residential property management departments open their vacant rentals for inspection for thirty minutes.

The minority either don't conduct rental opens at all or run them for fifteen minutes only.

Five Wealth Creation Rules

Many Best Practice agency owners teach these five rules to their children and to those who rely on them for wise advice. 

1. Save a deposit and purchase your first (modest) house as soon as possible. 

2. Make the re-payment of the home loan your number one goal. 

3. When 50% of the home loan is re-paid purchase your first investment property.

4. Continue to live modestly and when possible purchase your second and third investment properties (do not buy / lease an expensive car till you have your third investment property.

5. Continue to obtain sound professional advice to increase your net wealth.

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