Irrespective of the area for agency activity being analysed Best Practice research confirms that a maximum of four activities produces 90% of the results.

Irrespective of the area of agency activity being analysed Best Practice research confirms that a maximum of four activities produces 90% of the results.

So what? Never confuse the reasons for success in sales, property management or business management. Work out the four (maximum) activities which deliver 90% of the results then focus on those four activities.

Top 10% sales agents understand that vendors must be provided with "effective" feedback during the marketing period.....but what is "effective" feedback?

Sellers want to hear from their agent five days every week. This is most often via the telephone between 6pm and 8pm. They expect to have a personal (not email) report after

(i) Every inspection
(ii) Every advertisement
(iii) Every new comparable sale, listing or price variation.

Ongoing Best Practice research continues to reveal that callers to agency businesses dislike being asked "What's it in regard to?"

Many consider this to be an invasion of their privacy when the subject is the sale or management of a valuable asset. 

However, they respond much more favourably to "May I tell (name) the nature of your call?"

Attitude is the most important selection criterion when interviewing and selecting new sales employees.

The prospective employee must be able to demonstrate that;

1. They enthusiastically wish to establish a long term career listing and selling residential property, and

2. They are keen to work for your agency.

Skills can be trained but attitude must be present prior to being employed.

Success in running a real estate agency comes when the business is planned to a formula.

We all know having a plan for your business makes a huge difference to the likelihood of achieving what your vision is for your Ultimate Agency.

However the planning process is an intricate net of interrelated aspects. After 20 years working with some highly successful Agencies we now have a planning model that integrates all the components to transform your business.

Here is the sequence:

It all starts with clarity of vision. Few have it but the right questions get the dream documented.

Vision leads to an Agency Designer tool that is now based in software to model the definition of success until the path is clear and achievable. It’s even better when the software creates the model in less than 40 minutes because we know how much Real Estate entrepreneurs don’t get inspired by spreadsheets.

3-level business plans are structured from the outcomes of the modelling process. This process must account for the cashflow requirements of business growth, the business attributes such as location and market, time constraints and many other factors. One type of business plan template is better than nothing but a fully customisable model takes it to a whole new level.

In turn this leads to assembling the right team to join the Principal on the journey.  Systemising the operational processes and empowering the team with training and accountability. Supporting these processes are an extensive range of online tools ranging from Online Procedures system, to Job Descriptions, KPI reporting, sales, property management and rent roll growth and monthly Dashboard reporting all lead to success fast.

Milestone monitoring and reporting systems ensure that progress is made round out the pathway to a whole new level of freedom for the Agency Principal.

Guided Transformation

Ultimate creates and provides the systems to enable Principals to achieve more capital value, revenue and freedom from their agency.

The systems, online tools and support, designs businesses, aligns the team with the vision and empowers them to grow and deliver the Ultimate Agency for the business owners and staff.

If you would like to find out more about how to align your current business with the vision you have call Wayne Hughes 0419 70 70 22 or visit the website at

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