Q. Best Practice regularly refers to role-play training. Do you have any rules for conducting effective role plays?

A. Best Practice Role Play Guidelines

1. Decide on the subject you wish to role-play e.g. objections to vendor-paid advertising / listing exclusively with your firm / price variations / fee being charged / auction etc.

2. Form your participants into groups of two or three.

3. Provide each person with three 3 x 5 cards and a pen.

4. Ask each person to write (no discussion here please) the three most common objections they receive regarding the topic you have selected to role play. They should write one objection on the top line of each card.

5. Within the groups each participant then takes it in turn to present their objections to the other participant(s). 

6. Each participant then role-plays their responses back to the other(s) and writes these responses onto their card.

7. When the role-play exercise is completed write every response onto a whiteboard.

8. Get the group to prioritise the most appropriate response(s) for each objection.

9. Have the objections and rated responses printed and distributed to each participant.

10. The use of an external training facilitators (as opposed to a principal, manager or an industry expert) ensures that optimum results are achieved at the training session.

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