Q. I recall Best Practice providing a list of questions which property managers should be able to answer and would like to use them for role play training. Could you please list those questions again?

A. Best Practice property management teams participate in regular role play training. The eight questions most often covered are

1. How much notice must a tenant give a landlord that they are going to vacate?

2. How much notice must a landlord give a tenant that they require vacant possession?

3. How much notice must a landlord give a tenant that they want to vary the rent?

4. What is the difference between fair wear and tear and negligence?

5. What is the maximum security deposit / bond a landlord can charge a tenant?

6. What is the minimum period a tenant need be in arrears before the landlord may commence formal eviction proceedings?

7. Can you briefly explain the steps involved in a formal eviction?

8. Why should I appoint your agency to manage my rental property?

The answers to these questions are included in the agency’s marketing and public relations materials, newsletters, website and social media.

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